The Onyx Wolf: GM Tips

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Hello and welcome to another article of the Onyx Wolf!

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We have not been around for a while eh? Yes, mostly because I run out of ideas.

One thing I see people writing or video-ing about roleplaying games doing is the mandatory “GM tips” article so here is mine. It will be divided in at least two parts: the first will be a general overview of GMing, while the second will be more specific for the World of Darkness and Mage in particular.


Once upon a time, the structure of roleplaying games was pretty standard. There was one guy who was the Game master or Storyteller and a bunch of other people being the players. The GM would control the world and create the opportunities for adventure, while the players each would play just one character. This model is still around and it is the one I will be focusing on, but do be advised that it is not the only one by any stretch. Nowadays there are games that work without any GM, or have a rotating GM or even multiple GMs that work together. In more recent indie games especially, there is a bigger emphasis on giving the players the possibility of cooperating more fully in the storytelling not just with elements pertaining to their character, but also with stuff about the general story going on.

That being said, let’s focus on “classical” storytelling for now.


Even inside the classical mo...

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Wednesday Night D&D Recap: Murder in Baldur’s Gate Session VI

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The sixth session was run on October 9th, and was again a lot of role play. Making sure the characters level up in a timely manner has been interesting during these strictly role play focused sessions, however we ultimately worked that out this week by throwing extra enemies into the mix on top of giving some flat EXP rates for role play situations.

While the party was aware of the fact that there’s something going on in the city involving a man who was posing as a member of Felogyr’s Fireworks’ apprentices, and that it may well involve smokepowder, however they have little in the way of leads so far. Before they really have more of a chance to investigate, another degree from the Council of Four – that only has three members – was issued and many couriers were rushing about the city making sure everyone knew what this was about.

From now on, the Upper City would be closing to non-residents after three bells, which is the middle of the afternoon. This decree meant that merchants from the Lower City and Outer City who sell out of the Wide would have to close extremely early, and likely lose a lot of money in the process...

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Wednesday Night D&D Recap: Murder in Baldur’s Gate Session V

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This article comes later than I planned; on Monday, I was put on antibiotics, and one of the unfortunate side effects is extreme amounts of sleep. Session V will be published now, Session VI will be posted Wednesday, and Session VII will be posted on Thursday because of this.

Session V started off on a bit of a weird moment. It had been a couple of days since the capture of the Patriars who vandalised the Beloved Ranger. The party had repaired the statue with a Mend spell or two, which was well received by the citizens of Baldur’s Gate, and it appeared that things were finally settling down in the city.

Of course, being that it is Baldur’s Gate…they weren’t.

Although it took those few days for it to become noticeable, the Upper and Lower Cities were experiencing quite an ugly problem. Usually, trash was collected by the goldflow carriers while the various sewage drains and systems were cared for by the nightsoil carriers, however it appeared that neither had done their jobs in several days...

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The Prince’s Primer: An OOC Note About the LARP

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This particular column has been on hiatus for longer than planned. Usually, the City of Nod LARP does not have any games during June, July, and August due to the university having limited availability; that availability was even more slimmed down as they were re-modelling the building our game is usually held in. The Storyteller has us send downtime for the three months, and most people use the time to have their characters do things out of town, or advance disciplines that take longer amounts of time to learn while the Storyteller gets to have a break and create more content for the coming year.

We actually haven’t had a game since May. Over the summer, the Storyteller got a job, and the place has not worked with him for time off at all – even when he puts requests for time off well in advance. Because we have to book either of our options for game at least three to four weeks in advance, we have not been able to have sessions in September or October as usual. The Storyteller works many hours, and doesn’t get much time off, so we’re still all working on summer downtime that’s just growing since we have to cover September and October as well. This doesn’t give me much to write with until that downtime is worked out.

Hopefully, g...

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Wednesday Night D&D Recap: Murder in Baldur’s Gate Sessions IV

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It’s been a few weeks since the Recap has been published. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I caught the Plague that was going around and it transformed into a severe sinus infection that’s been awfully damn stubborn; I’m still sick, to the point where last week’s session was cancelled – my fiancé wasn’t able to cover DMing because the store he managed opened earlier in the week, but most of the table works there anyway, so it was probably a good thing it was cancelled. Opening week for any business is very hectic, no matter how much planning and set up have been done.

When I get super sick, I have a really hard time doing anything creative. This has made coming up with interesting filler for the current D&D campaign difficult, as well as making writing about the sessions difficult; I also have had trouble role playing in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as well. However, since we did have a lull in the game sessions, now is the best time to get everything caught up over the next few days.

The fourth session took place on September 25th, and we essentially restarted the scene at House Oberon’s estate; because we had cut things short so suddenly due to that fire – which thankfully they never lost control of, thanks to most of th...

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