The Onyx Wolf: Wengen recap

Oct 01

By Dee (Dorky)

By Dee (Dorky)

Hello and welcome to another article of the Onyx Wolf!

Today with added official unofficial mascot, courtesy of my friend Dee from the Valinor Aerospace Star Citizen corporation, hurray!

Last time, our heroes returned to the Monastery one more time only to end up quite.. crispy!
This time here is a recap of some sessions:

Alec finally arrived in Wengen and had an interesting story to tell. From his point of view, he entered the monastery with some of them and then was sent into Hell where he passed a nice and interesting “vacation” before getting spit out once again… But the others have no recollection of this as when they entered the monastery for the first time, Alec was not with them… and what happened to the other Alec, the one busy at work all this time??

Beside the return of Alec, our heroes have two emergencies on their hand. The first is poor Laura, the kidnapped girl. Interviewing her boyfriend revealed they had a lover spat just before she vanished, but he seems sincere in his innocence. Investigation of Laura’s apartment revealed several clues and DNA traces pointing to an escaped mental asylum patient… that also happens to be Ali’s long lost uncle, Robert!

Meanwhile, the federal investigators are finally going to visit the Monastery. Our heroes are warned of this by a mysterious woman that claim to be part of some sort of “Organization” that has been watching them for some time now and that consider this business with the agents to be a sort of entrance test.

Organization or not, the characters know that if the agents enter the Monastery they will surely encounter some of those damn mummies that will most likely kill them or worse. The decision is soon made and they are off to the Monastery… again!

With absolutely no more preparation than last time, their trip underground goes as well as you would expect. Undead bears are spotted and finally one of the mummies is sighted as it is doing some sort of ugly ritual on one of the federal agents. They are unable to stop the mummy (what a shock!), the ritual is completed creating some sort of living blood creature. This creature’s first wail in the world is in the form of a blood tsunami that overwhelm the characters and spit them out of the monastery. Only exception? Poor Rene’, always so curious, he wanted to take a few pictures of the thing and was caught and swallowed whole, there he goes.

With the two federal agents disappeared and their trip in the monastery coming to an end, the first chapter of the story so concludes.

– The body of Laura will be found a few days later in the Wengen river. She drowned but it is unclear if she just fell into the river while wandering around or if someone pushed her in. Anyway, she is dead.

– After the disappearance of the two federal agents, one of the bodies is recovered, sparking a massive wave of panic in the valley. The Army moves in and seal all entrances to the valley making their headquarters at the air strip and posting permanent guards at the Monastery, clearly a dangerous place. Regular army patrols are seen in Wengen now. This is seen in the national news.

– The characters are implicated in the murder of the federal agents and of Laura, but no decisive evidence is found, so they are released… beside Jack, whose bullet casing is found in the monastery. He is still kept in questioning for a while longer.

– Alec organized a fund raising before all this went down. The event was meant to raise funds to keep people away from Wengen and had the support of the Mayor, who even loaned one of his precious old tomes to them. The tome, a magical Grimoire, is quite useful and explains how things work, but covers only the Life Arcanum. The other grimoires are still scattered in the Valley waiting to be recovered. The characters gain knowledge of the location of several other grimoires and are now seeking them out actively.

– Rene’s work on the hive minded rats goes up in smoke when a fire breaks out in Seraph’s temporary building. His laptop was unrecoverable, but his notes about the mystical circles under Wengen remains.

– The clocktower remain a subject of mystery and fascination for the characters and seems linked to the whole alchemical symbols around the city as it lies at the precise center of the double circle. Also trying to look at it with Mage Sight will result in a violent nausea.

– Alec’s brother, Simonis, arrives in Wengen to see what the heck is happening to his twin brother. He also awakened in the meantime to the Primal Wilds, filling the hole Rene’ left.

– During Rene’s funeral, Ali is contacted by her uncle, who is seemingly still around. They manage to intercept him as he leaves the abandoned mental asylum and drive him off a cliff. Elsa marvelous driving then get them over the very same cliff. Hurt, but still going, uncle Robert is clearly insane and seems to be suffering from multiple personality disorder, with one of the personalities warning them he cannot go on anymore and want out of the slavery. He ends up splattering his brain out with his gun in full view of his niece, how lovely.

A new chapter is ready to open up as the mystery of Wengen just grows.

Stay tuned for more stuff next week!

– Volkmar


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