The Prince’s Primer: An OOC Note About the LARP

Oct 27

This particular column has been on hiatus for longer than planned. Usually, the City of Nod LARP does not have any games during June, July, and August due to the university having limited availability; that availability was even more slimmed down as they were re-modelling the building our game is usually held in. The Storyteller has us send downtime for the three months, and most people use the time to have their characters do things out of town, or advance disciplines that take longer amounts of time to learn while the Storyteller gets to have a break and create more content for the coming year.

We actually haven’t had a game since May. Over the summer, the Storyteller got a job, and the place has not worked with him for time off at all – even when he puts requests for time off well in advance. Because we have to book either of our options for game at least three to four weeks in advance, we have not been able to have sessions in September or October as usual. The Storyteller works many hours, and doesn’t get much time off, so we’re still all working on summer downtime that’s just growing since we have to cover September and October as well. This doesn’t give me much to write with until that downtime is worked out.

Hopefully, game can start in November or December again, and this column can continue. As soon as the downtime stuff for the summer gets sorted out, there will be an in character article covering June, July, and August. Depending upon how the Storyteller wants to handle the additional two months of downtime, there may be a second downtime article or it may be wrapped into the November or December edition.

I just wanted to update about this, since the downtime has continued to run longer than planned. I can say that with the first month’s worth of downtime scenes and resulting situations, things will be pretty interesting when the articles do start again! No one does drama quite the way vampires do drama, after all.

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