Wednesday Night D&D Recap: Murder in Baldur’s Gate Session VI

Oct 31

The sixth session was run on October 9th, and was again a lot of role play. Making sure the characters level up in a timely manner has been interesting during these strictly role play focused sessions, however we ultimately worked that out this week by throwing extra enemies into the mix on top of giving some flat EXP rates for role play situations.

While the party was aware of the fact that there’s something going on in the city involving a man who was posing as a member of Felogyr’s Fireworks’ apprentices, and that it may well involve smokepowder, however they have little in the way of leads so far. Before they really have more of a chance to investigate, another degree from the Council of Four – that only has three members – was issued and many couriers were rushing about the city making sure everyone knew what this was about.

From now on, the Upper City would be closing to non-residents after three bells, which is the middle of the afternoon. This decree meant that merchants from the Lower City and Outer City who sell out of the Wide would have to close extremely early, and likely lose a lot of money in the process. There was rumour that people could obtain passports that would allow them to be in the Upper City, however it was likely that they were going to be hard to get.

Not only did it affect the merchants, it affected the docks quayside. There were two reasons for this. The first is due to the fact that they cannot deliver to the stalls and shops in the Wide after the gates close, while the second is that as the days pass, and merchants lose more and more money, they won’t be able to pay for those goods to be moved. This is going to make the pier and ferry docks a hazard zone, and leave them as the potential prowling ground for thieves.

Ravengard and the Flaming Fist are left with very few options, as they can get a few passports, but even these passports are limited. He suggested to the party that they approach the patriars who now owed them favours, convince them to sponsor the group for less restrictive passports, then approach the Grand Duke for their passports – Portyr dislikes confrontation, and even if the party isn’t direct with threats, logical demands often cause Portyr to cave.

And so the party paid a visit to House Oberon, seeking to gain his support as a sponsor for these passports. Unfortunately, Lord Oberon’s mood was rather sour, as it was announced by the Harbormaster that the tariffs on fine goods were being raised; things like incense, spices, wines, magical supplies, and artworks were the focus of this tariff raise. These were all things that were common for a patriar to have, moderately affects several families, but heavily affects the Oberons and House Oathoon, whom they were attempting to create an alliance with.

Despite owning the drydocks, despite assisting various merchants and patriars with the repairs of their ships, and despite having a rather good relationship with the Harbormaster, there was little that Oberon could do. Between these new stressors and the continued confinement of his son in the Seatower, the patriarch of the Oberon household was quite distressed.

William shifted their tactics, offering to see about having his son moved to one of the better cells in the Seatower, although he admitted that there may not be much he can do to change the boy’s situation. This helped ease Oberon, citing that any attempt would be considered a gesture of friendship to the household. The party also agreed to investigate the situation down at the docks, and see about getting the tariffs overturned – while there was only a small chance that there was anything they could do, they would at least try.

This placated Oberon, and he gave them each a writ of sponsorship to take to the Grand Duke, also advising they attempt to work through him and not Silvershield. The party thanked him, and made their way to Portyr’s estate, writs in hand.

Portyr is an elderly man, who wears a wig to hide his greying hair, who is rather portly in figure. He spends most of his time at his estate, unless a session of Parliament or the Council is in session, enjoying creature comforts in his elder years. While he was friendly and approachable, he quickly caved to the party once they gave him their writs, and explained why they needed access to the Upper City; they were investigating a number of situations in relation to the recent vandalisms, and not being able to reach any point in the city at all hours might impede that investigation. Portyr issued the passports, and the party returned to the Flaming Fist.

On their way back to the Rock, a lamp lass stops them. She has six envelopes, and gives one to each member of the party, explaining that the sender wishes for them to read the letters as soon as they receive them. The party did so, and discovered invitations to a private soiree in Bloomridge, hosted by the famed citizen-adventurer Coran; although a bit suspicious, the group decides they will attend after checking in with the Fist.

Upon returning to Wyrm’s Rock, the party discovered that Ravengard convinced the Harbormaster to raise the tariffs after overhearing the complaints of his officers and the rank and file about the outrageous sumptuary laws, as well as the general attitude of the people within the Lower City. The Fist has a great many supporters in the Lower City, many of whom were affected by the sumptuary law being reinstated, and so he created this counter to deprive the patriars of some of their luxuries. It was doubtful that Ravengard was going to change his stance on the situation, so the party prepared to attend this private party of Coran’s.

There was a lot that was going to go down with the party and subsequent findings the party might make, so we ended there for that session. While many things have occurred that are unpleasant, the worst is yet to come…

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