April Publishing Schedule

Apr 02

  • April 3rd – Pathfinding
  • April 4th – Wednesday Night D&D Intro
  • April 8th – The Guilded Word
  • April 10th – Pathfinding
  • April 11th – Wednesday Night D&D Recap
  • April 17th – Pathfinding
  • April 18th – Wednesday Night D&D Recap
  • April 22st – The Prince’s Primer – Rescheduled!
  • April 22nd – The Guilded Word
  • April 24th – Pathfinding
  • April 25th – Wednesday Night D&D Recap
  • April 29th – Character Development: Tips & Tricks


  1. Small schedule adjustment. This month’s Prince’s Primer will be delivered tomorrow, April 22nd. I did not account for the recovery time after a long, busy LARP day. Sorry!


  2. Yeah, April was a crazy month. May will be much calmer for me. I’ll be out a week in June, but I’ll give you forewarning ahead of time.

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