Image Credits

Altear Banner: Official Altear banner by Shadowed Sin. © Shadowed Sin

Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background Banner: created by Darkfae using images by J. Ash Bowie. © J. Ash Bowie

Guild Wars 2 Role Players Banner: ©

Hydaelyn Role-Play Coalition Banner: Created by Ellie. © RPC

The Krytan Herald Banner: © The Krytan Herold

The NeXus Network Banner: © The NeXus Network

The Scowling Cassian Banner: background image © Carbine Studios, title text by Darkfae, based off the site’s graphics. ©Brenner Stephenson

The Witness Banner: © The Witness

WildStar Role Play Banner: background image ©Carbine Studios, title image © Ender, banner work by Darkfae. © WildStar Role Play

Darkfae’s Gravatar:  Image by kr0npr1nz, edited by Darkfae. ©Ilya Kuvshinov

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