Pathfinder Products

All physical books are from, and are available in new and used conditions; be sure to read the descriptions of the book or accessory you are purchasing if it is in used condition! Additional Pathfinder Role Playing Game books can be found here.

For Players & Game Masters
Core RulebookPhysical Book

Advanced Player’s GuidePhysical Book

Paths of PrestigePhysical Book

Ultimate EquipmentPhysical Book

Advanced Race GuidePhysical Book

Ultimate CombatPhysical Book

Ultimate MagicPhysical Book

Pathfinder Society PrimerPhysical Book

Dungeoneer’s HandbookPhysical Book

For Game Masters
GM’s ScreenPhysical Item

Ultimate CampaignPhysical Book

Quests & CampaignsPhysical Book

Campaign Setting World Guide: The Inner Sea (Revised Edition)Physical Book

NPC CodexPhysical Book

The Pathfinder BestiaryPhysical Book

The Pathfinder Bestiary 2Physical Book

The Pathfinder Bestiary 3Physical Book

Inner Sea BestiaryPhysical Book

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