Role playing games have formally been around since the 1970s, however re-enactment groups, “theatre games”, and the childhood game of “let’s pretend” have been around much longer. The first commercially available RPG was the original Dungeons and Dragons series, published by the former TSR, Inc; it has since spread like wildfire, and multiple role play game companies have come and gone, along with multiple gaming systems and settings.

Even live action role playing, affectionately known as LARPing, has been around since the late 1970s as well, however the first formal group was Dagohir. LARPs range from local games, regional games, to the massive global games hosted by the Mind’s Eye Society (formerly known as The Camarilla). Some LARPs use padded weaponry for more “realism”, while others use a “rock-paper-scissors” system to avoid injuries.

Role playing moved into the online world as well, initially through “BBS” systems, followed by forum or messenger based role play, then finally landing firmly in the Massively Multiplayer Online genre. While the community size varies from one forum or game to another, there seems to be an RP community for most games and settings – whether they be unique settings created by the hosts of the forums or MMO, or settings from popular movies and books. Even MMO creators and designers are starting to take their RP communities seriously, reaching out to find out how they can better support this part of their player base.

Many of us game in all three mediums – table top games, live action role plays, and online role playing. We will be sharing our experiences within these mediums, providing information on character development and progressive development, reviewing gaming systems and their latest additions, as well as reviewing MMOs that we’ve taken interest in. Every game system that is talked about, every MMO that is introduced, every forum RP that’s mentioned will have a section dedicated to it on various pages, and there will be links available to products such as the books themselves, the MMO games themselves, and guides for each game; no more having to go searching to find what’s being talked about!

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