"Brightsun? No," Kelerun Bloodmourn shook his head, "she did not give the name Brightsun this time, Thalo'thas. In fact, she gave the name Onóna instead of Zalika as well."

The two Blood Elves stood outside an ornate ceremonial gazebo, the wind rustling their bright silk strands of hair, though most of Thalo'thas' was restrained by the tail he had pulled it into. Lifting the shimmering sword to point into the gazebo, Bloodmourn continued his explinations.

"She walked through there, disabling the four Champions that were waiting for another initiation," Kelerun continued, lowering the blade. "They were given orders to destroy any who'd followed Kael'thas, and the last time anyone had seen her, this Onóna had been a Paladin of the Light like the rest of us."

Nodding, the captain watched the four Champions mill about the other side of the gazebo, playing a scene out before his mind's eye took little imagination after watching his sister fighting the vile human dogs along the beach. He was quite sure that she swiftly and efficiently dispatched the four while leaving them capable of continuing their duties after healing and treatments. The whirling ghost wielding a charged blade danced as he listened to the account, shadows shifting to follow its form through the deadly motions.

"She walked over to me once her former classmen lay on the ground, the Fel-flames so bright I feared they would explode within her skull," Kelerun said quietly, "and she asked me who had taken it, who had stolen her Insignia from you."

The rogue startled, having not known that anything had been taken from his home, at least nothing of his sister's. Frowning, the captain raised an eyebrow at Bloodmourn, a faint growl forming in the back of his throat.

"You mean to tell me one of your brats violated private property?" Thalo'thas glowered.

Raising a plated shoulder, the Blood Knight nodded to him, sighing, "Thalo, I shouldn't even be informing you of it, but sometimes traditional silence must be laid aside. You claim you can prove Onóna is unchanged mentally, and any support for her within the Order is needed or they might just kill her outright."

"Everything my sister has done has been for the damn Order and the Sin'dorei!" Thalo'thas hissed, glaring at the other Blood Elf.

The knight lifted his hand, as if to backhand the enraged rogue, only to hold it defensively between them as he spit out, "I trained your damned sister, Thalo! I as much as anyone wish to keep Bloodvalor from having her eliminated! She is the first of mine to fall, and I will bring her back if she is truly unchanged."

For a long moment, the two men glared at each other, the sunlight bathing them in a warmth that only kept their blood-rage simmering as their conversation continued. Thalo'thas' hand rested on the hilt of his sword while Bloodmourn kept his cold-flamed blade between them.

"She knew Bloodvalor would never tell her anything, and she was intending to retrieve her Ranseur and an Insignia," Kelerun continued, motioning to the black and red enameled phoenix charm at his neck. "She wanted to know who had taken it, so that she could take theirs, and where her weapon was. After hours of arguing, I began to realise that her...transformation had done little to change her, but I need proof for Bloodvalor."

Thalo'thas frowned, shaking his head, "I've a pile of dead humans and a few Theramoor artifacts to prove her dedication, Kelerun, and a number of demon hides as well."

Bloodmourn nodded, frowning deeply, "Thalo, do you have any idea why she called herself 'Onóna Darksun'? Was she married while in the Outlands? Did they change her name when they defiled her soul?"

Startling slightly at the name, the captain shook his head rapidly. He'd never heard the name Darksun, surname or first name, until Bloodmourn had spoken it, however recalling the earlier encounter with his sister, the name almost made sense to him. Despite the aura of shadows that swathed her, she glowed brightly with the Light whenever she became that...thing...

"No, I - I think I know what she meant by it," he replied, running a hand through the hair that fell into his face, "like you, I thought it may have just been part of their rituals."

The hair on the back of the Blood Knight's neck stood on end at how casually the rogue before him spoke of the exiled Demon Hunters, but quickly dismissed the emotion as an extension of devotion to his family. None of his pupils had fallen in any manner, all but Onóna and her betrothed had returned from the Outlands when Kael'thas betrayed the Sin'dorei or long before, and Bloodmourn refused to believe that he'd not see rot within one of his own. Somewhere, beneath the shadows of the demon, he prayed that the Paladin remained.

"Bring me documentation of her deeds, Thalo," he softly said, finally lowering his sword. "I'll help you save your sister's soul."