The salty air of the Great Sea drifted lazily over the port of Ratchet, causing the foreigners to wrinkle their noses while the sea dogs and Goblin tradesmen seemed to breath in the air deeply, revitalized by its scent.

Standing on an overlook, Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun watched the coming and going of adventurer and tradesman alike, contemplating his current situations. With several of his men captured by the Seadog Buccaneers, a few of his ships were in dire need of repair after the Theramoor who were not under Jaina Proudmoor's banner had attacked them, and his sister had returned from the Outlands a monster instead of the Paladin she had once been.

Despite his misgivings about his sister's new form and abilities, Thalo’thas realised that she spoke the truth when she claimed that her personality and loyalties remained unaltered - upon her return, she had immediately taken up arms against several of the Scourge left within the Ghostlands, lying to waste the better part of Deatholme. Shortly after, she reclaimed several of her prior Blood Knight trappings, defending the Blood Knights' cause against several of the new Horde allies.

"I believe this one belongs to you, Brother," an unearthly voice echoed from behind him. "Firebough was in quite the precarious position when I found him."

As the Blood Elf 'privateer' turned, a petite woman glittering with Fel energies threw something at his feet. Bending down, Thalo'thas grasped the cords of several Theramoor medallions, each stained with the blood of humans she had killed to claim them. Among them were an ornate leadership medal and two high-ranking cannoneer medals as well as a single priests' emblem.

"Captain," Gilthares Firebough intoned with respect, saluting the higher ranking Thalo'dan Privateer. "This...woman and her companion rescued me from the hold."

Firebough's disgust was quite apparent, though the woman clad in the flame-coloured Battleforge armour and black leather boots seemed apathetic to the man's disgust, the blazing green lenses of her engineer's goggles looking towards her brother without even a glance to the fairly ignorant seaman. Thalo'thas dismissed his crewman, motioning towards the tavern where the man could recover with a good measure of alcohol.

Turning back to his sister, he quietly said, "Thank you, Zalika."

"I am Onóna, and I look after my own, Brightsun," she replied, "even if they cannot see what I have done to protect them from the Burning Legion."

Her words startled Thalo'thas - when she had decided to become a Silver Hand Knight, she had been forced to denounce her connections with the Thalo'dan Privateers due to how close to being criminals many of them were considered. Despite having been born and raised as one of them, she believed that there was more to protect them from aside from the Theramoor raiders and sea monsters and that the Knights of the Silver Hand's crusade against evil and the Burning Legion was the true way to save them all.

"I saw you fighting within the walls of Silvermoon, against the Scourge as they moved towards the Sunwell," he said, shaking his head, "you became a demon, yet returned when you heard we were in dire straights - you needn't continue proving your loyalty to me."

The tall Blood Mage behind her glowered at Thalo'thas before hissing, "We needn't prove ourselves to an outlaw, Brightsun."

Without a word, the demonic woman raised a hand to silence her companion, shadows swirling aimlessly over the bright armour she wore. While she had given in to the Blood Knights and wore more mail and plate, her armour was still as thin and bore quite a bit of her flesh, the thin hard muscles visible beneath the scars and arcane sigils. The shadows did little to hide the blessings born of the Light, though they'd twisted them with their Fel-taint.

Ignoring the mage, Thalo'thas nodded to his sister, "You are welcome to use what little holdings I have, Zalika, ship or shore based. Whatever name you wear, you are still my little sister."

Nodding, the strange being turned from him, shouldering the mage as she walked past him and back down the road leading through the Seadog camps to Dustwallow Marsh. Snickering at the Blood Elven captain, the man turned to follow, walking quickly to catch up to his companion. His sister's sparkling netherwhelp swirled once around Thalo'thas before fluttering off to trail behind the two vanishing Sin'dorei.

Sighing, the captain turned back to look over the sea, a faint smile passing over his lips before vanishing as his green eyes looked out over the sparkling waters.